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  • Gupta, S. and J. Vasi, Network-wide Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assessment: Phase I Report, National Audubon Society, Oct 2018​​

  • Martinez, C., S. Gupta, M. Beccera, Community Steering Committee, Health Impact Assessment for the Phillips Community: Green Zones in the City of Minneapolis, Draft 2017.

  • Martinez, C., S. Gupta, Climate Justice Alliance Energy Democracy Platform, 2016

  • Martinez C., S. Gupta and K. Wasserman, A Preliminary Assessment of RE-AMP and Equity Implications for Midwest Climate and Energy Policy, July 2013

  • Gupta, S., Minneapolis Climate Action Plan EJ Working Group Recommendations, February 2013

  • ​Gupta, S., Nick Mark, William Grant, Sheldon Strom, St. Paul Local Action Plan: Energy and Global Warming (draft), prepared for the Mayor’s Office, December 1, 2006

  • Gupta, S., Plant Power: Biomass-to-Energy for Minnesota Communities, published by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, and Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2004

  • Gupta, S., Biomass-fueled Community Energy Systems: a Near Term Opportunity for Minnesota, published by Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2004

  • Klimont, Z., D. Streets, S. Gupta, J. Cofala, F. Lixin and Y. Ichikawa, 2002, “Anthropogenic emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds in China, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 36, Issue 8, March 2002, Pages 1309-1322

  • Streets, D., S. Gupta, S. Waldhoff, M. Wang, T. Bond and B. Yiyun, “Black Carbon emissions in China,” Atmospheric Environment, Volume 35, Issue 25, September 2001, Pages 4281-4296


  • Gupta, S., Transforming Toxic Hot Spots with Justice at the Center: Green Zones taking shape in Minneapolis, May 2016

  • Martinez, C., S. Gupta, Climate Inequality: Forgotten History, Jan 2013

  • Gupta, S., The Greater Milan Initiative’s Sustainable Energy Utility: Reducing the Rural Energy Burden, 2010

  • Gupta, S. and J. McGarvey, Fueling the Future: How can we strengthen America’s Energy Portfolio, Outdoor America, 2007

  • Gupta, S., A Look at Biofuels, Outdoor America Winter 2007.

  • Gupta, S., Excerpt on Impacts on Agricultural Energy in Izaak Walton League of America Report, “The 2007 Farm Bill: Stewardship, Prosperity, and Fairness,” available at

Policy Memos / Comments

  • Gupta, S., High level Equity-­based review of May 2018 Carbon Neutral City Project Policies (Providence, RI), July 2018

  • Gupta, S., Glendale Townhomes: Public Housing in Prospect Park: Background, July 2015

  • Gupta, S., Comments to MN Pollution Control Agency Draft Environmental Justice Framework, July 2015

  • Gupta S., A. Lopez, W. Copeland, Midwest EJ Network RFP for small grants program - first year of program, 2015

  • Gupta S., CEAC letter to the City of Minneapolis on Environmental Justice, February 2014

  • Gupta, S., Energy and Environmental Justice Comments on EIS inclusion points for Xcel Hiawatha Transmission Line Project on behalf of the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy at IATP, July 2009

  • Gupta, S., Primer on Climate Policy (draft), prepared for Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, December 2008

  • Contributing Author, Xcel Energy 2007 Integrated Resource Plan Joint Comments of Izaak Walton League of America-Midwest Office, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Fresh Energy, Docket No. E002/RP-07-1572, Submitted June 16, 2008

  • Gupta, S., COMMENTS OF THE IZAAK WALTON LEAGUE OF AMERICA –MIDWEST OFFICE on Interstate Power and Light’s (IP&L) 2005-2020 Electric RESOURCE PLAN, DOCKET NO. E-001/RP-05-2029 to the MN Public Utilities Commission, Submitted July 6, 2006

  • Comments to Proposed Stakeholder Process to Achieve Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection through Integrated Solid Waste Management, submitted to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, May 13, 2008

  • Gupta, S. and K. Butcher, 2007 Minnesota Efficiency & Renewable Energy Standard Policy and CO2 Analysis, on behalf of Izaak Walton League of America with Keith Butcher at Center for Energy and Environment, November 6, 2007

  • Gupta, S., Coal and Wind: Comparative Retail Rate Impacts, Analysis and Factsheet, April 27, 2006

  • Gupta, S., Solar Sales Tax Exemption Renewal Factsheet, on behalf of the Green Institute, 2005

  • U.S. EPA Smart Growth and Water Quality Factsheet, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: EPA/842/F-01-007, 2001

Facilitation Guides 

  • Gupta, S., Carbon Neutral Popular Education Game, Facilitation Guide, created for Providence, Rhode Island Carbon Neutral City Project's Racial and Environmental Justice Committee Community Leaders Program, July 2018

  • Gupta, S., Home Weather Emergency Kit Workshop Facilitation Guide, 2017

  • ​Gupta S., S. Yang, Energy Systems and Resiliency Workshop, creative development and facilitation guide, 2016​

  • ​Gupta, S., H. Wilcox, Cap and Trade Climate Policy Popular Education Game, 2008​

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