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Shalini Gupta

Researcher | Writer | Speaker | Advocate


Bringing a historic and international lens to my life's work - I center ecological sustainability, community health, and social justice. I have over 20 years of experience encompassing research, policy advocacy, community education, facilitation, writing, and nonprofit start ups/management. My work is intersectional, with specific expertise in the fields of energy, climate policy, and environmental justice.


I work with foundations, funder networks, donors, city and state government agencies, nonprofits, artists, and community based organizations to integrate a justice lens into environmental and climate programmatic work. 

Recent Consulting Clients:


McKnight Foundation (2021)

Vibrant and Equitable Communities strategy refinement. 

Chicago Environmental Justice Network (2021)

Facilitation on cumulative impacts city ordinance.

Aniccha Arts (2021)

Advisor to Rootspace project where artists explore the possibilities for a self-sustaining, reciprocity-based arts ecology.


City of Boston / One Square World (2020-2021)

Policy advisor on integrating community-based environmental justice input into Boston's Building Emissions Policy Standard development.

Health & Environmental Funders Network (2019-2020)
Climate, Health, and Equity national survey, in collaboration with seven funder affinity groups and nearly 200 foundations and nonprofits around the country (
survey report).

Community Members for Environmental Justice (ongoing)

Strategic advisor with community leaders on city and state environmental justice policy in Minnesota.

City of Minneapolis (2019)
Policy facilitation/research/design of community-based Minneapolis Southside Green Zones Council (
policy recommendations report) +

Strategic planning and staff retreat facilitation for Office of Sustainability.


University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs (2019)

Student advising related to equity oriented facilitation techniques for University wide events.

Surdna Foundation, Sustainable Environments Program (2019)

Team facilitation and research for Understanding and Tracking Organizational and Movement Progress Initiative.

City of Providence, Rhode Island / One Square World (2018-2019)

Racial and Environmental Justice Committee

Policy advisor on integrating community-based environmental justice input into City of Providence Climate Justice Plan.

National Audubon Society (2018-2019)

National network-wide Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assessment of Audubon chapters and state offices.

My work is done both solo and in teams, with roles fluctuating as needed to fit the needs of the project. 


​I am committed to justice in the place I immigrated as a child almost 40 years ago - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Mnisota Makoce), home of the Dakota people.


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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  

― Arundhati Roy